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Lynn trained her first horse to ride in 1976. She found that spending time with her little Pinto/Arabian mare, Daisy, grooming and touching her all over made for a comfortable, trusting relationship. Before Lynn introduced her mare to saddle, she ground drove her from a halter with the lines run through the stirrups of the saddle, without knowing it at the time, a very similar technique Linda Tellington-Jones used in her initial ‘starting a young horse to ride’ ground driving technique. Lynn trained her little mare 'by the seat of her pants', using techniques she'd only read about, her instincts and the help of Daisy's grand dam, Cinnamon, Lynn's riding horse. Lynn never dreamed that over 25 years later, Daisy would teach her own children and others to ride and enjoy horses.

Lynn has loved horses all of her life and never 'grew out of it'. Her horses are her teachers. She also studied the works of and with TTEAM Instructors: Linda Tellington-Jones, Edie Jane Eaton and Luci Leclerc , Centered Riding Instructors: Susan B. Harris, Sally Haney, Wendy Murdoch and Carol O'Donnell-Wilson, Classical Dressage Instructors: Theresa Dougherty, Dominique Barbier and Eileen Webb, and Clicker Trainer: Alexandra Kurland.

Lynn has experienced many successes in helping people with their horses that other trainers had deemed 'untrainable' or recommended that the horse be sold. Her specialty is helping people and horses overcome trauma after a frightening experience.  She enjoys introducing people and their horses to the world of safe, clear and respectful horse handling based in leadership, not dominance and quality, not speed or force.

Her background also includes previous Certification as a Veterinary Technician and a strong interest in animal health and well-being.  Her focus is on the well-being of the student (horse or person) in order to facilitate better learning. Her belief is that learning occurs best when the student, whether equine or humanfeels respected, safe and supported.

Lynn's Credentials

Certified Level 1 Centered Riding Instructor

Certified Equine TTEAM Practitioner

Clicker Teacher/Trainer